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VCPS Galaxy Middle School Renovations

VCPS Galaxy Middle School Renovations

Market: Education
Location: Deltona, FL

Owner/General Contractor

VCPS / Wharton Smith, Inc.


S.I. Goldman Company, Inc. was selected by Wharton Smith, Inc.for the Volusia County Public Schools Galaxy Middle School Renovations project located in Deltona, FL.  Work includes the addition of a new cooling tower, chiller, and pump in the main plant located across the street.  The existing middle school will be renovated in five phases so as not to disrupt classes.  Each phase consists of the removal of the existing HVAC equipment, ductwork and controls and the installation of new air handlers, VAVs, fans, controls and associated equipment.  New underground pre-insulated chilled water piping and heating hot water piping will be installed throughout campus to accommodate the new HVAC system.